Monday, July 21, 2003


Here is a link to the blog spot of the first person, who was not in my family, who enjoyed my writing, and took the time to email me and tell me. Meladramas is going to be on my permenant links next week, because I appreciated the feed-back, but I wanted to post something that she wrote that really struck a chord for me:

"I have been having a lot of thoughts lately, as to the nature of being a 'successful' jazz vocalist.
I have found a balance through the years, as a mother, and a person in general, as not to be so constrained by my job and it's schedule.
Lately I'm reading a lot of info on today's jazz artists in the States,
and how they spend many days in hotels & planes,
constantly busy.
Although I have been striving for success all this time,
this present view hardly seems like success.
It seems more like slavery and manipulation- for the ultimate boss,
I don't think I'd want to be so busy that I couldn't have a minute's peace.
Although the payoff is substantial,
the 'art' would become drudgery,
and that would be the end of creation, and the joy it brings, at least to me."
Success is living your life the way you wanted to live it. Success is doing the things that are vital so that you are able to enjoy the trivia. If you don't wake up every morning excited by what you might accomplish in terms of art, family, or whatever makes your heart sing, there will never be enough money to fill that void. Seize the Day!

Just Can't Wait to Get on the Road Again!

My sister-in-law kindly emailed to remind me that after I reach her house I will be getting back into the car to drive to Colorado on Wednesday. That means for the last leg of the trip, there will be 5 children in the back seat drinking Dr. Pepper and one of them will be her son. They were supposed to meet up with us at a circus one year, but I thought we'd never find them. Unknown to us, the circus had also invited every single elementary school in the surrounding area to attend for free. So the place is swarming with kids who are running, yelling, screaming and well, it was a circus. However, I walked right to them with no problem at all because over the shrieking voices of thousands of children I picked up her son's voice from the parking lot.

Isn't it wonderful to know that when you pour your heart out and share your darkest fears, your loving family is there in a heartbeat to gleefully multilply your misery?

On the plus side, she said she absolutely would have a cold beer in her hand for me tomorrow evening and her deafening son is lending me his copy of Victor Davis Hanson's book Carnage and Culture: Landmark Battles in the Rise of Western Power to read while in Colorado. Sounds like the perfect description of our trip, matter of fact, Chapter 26: Will The Next Generation Survive or Be Thrown Upon the Ash Heap of History? (Currently located in Ardmore, OK)

Perhaps I'll have him read it aloud on the way. After all, I have no doubt I'll be able to hear his voice no matter how loud the other kids become.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

Mom was searching the internet today. She found a webpage that tells you your child's personality, based on birth order.

Well, we must be a pretty messed up family. According to the aforementioned web page, Mom's oldest child, Valentine, was supposed to be the 3rd born. She was supposed to be me!

Mom's second oldest, Viagra, was supposed to be the 4th born. So far, Mom has been going in reverse order, starting in the middle. Maybe it's one of the symptoms of being the 1st born child. I'll have to check.

My younger sister, Vision (4th child), is supposed to be the 1st born, so maybe she can help Mom out with her uncontrolled psycological urges.

Mom's fifth and last child, Victory, is supposed to be the 2nd born, so Mom really messed this one up! I mean, how could she have her children in the wrong order! We're probably scarred for life, and we'll have to go in for therapy as adults. It would be just our luck if the therapist couldn't help us, because we weren't born in the right order.

Oh, I almost forgot. I (Mom's third child) was supposed to be an only child! That makes sense. If I didn't have my horribly mixed up brothers and sisters, I wouldn't have any problems. I suppose it happened because Vision and Valentine were buddies, and Victory and Viagra were buddies, and poor Veritas (meaning me) had no one! At least, that's what my therapist told me...

I found this summary via Dean's World over at The Indepundit:

I am a liberal. I believe in keeping an open mind, and treating all people with compassion, respect and tolerance.

I am a conservative. I believe that Judeo-Christian values form the cornerstone of our society, and I practice the virtues of integrity, civility and personal responsibility."

I feel like he wrote this for me. Great summary of what people need to understand about America. Click the link and read the whole thing!

Is a picture really worth 1,000 words?

Mr. Guillotine has come up with several ideas to increase traffic on my site. This is quite amazing, because Mr. Guillotine is my humor story beta tester. The man almost never laughs aloud, so if I can ping his laugh-aloud meter, I'm sure it's funny enough to post here. The amazing part is he actually wants other people to read it too which means he thinks it's much funnier than he's let on.

I don't know anything about building up web traffic but I've been looking at hundreds of sites in the last few weeks. It has come to my attention that most have a picture of the webblogger or in some cases, a picture of the blogger's cleavage, face optional. I even came across one blog with a picture of a woman in hot pink, satin lounging pajamas, reclining seductively on a chaise lounge, (hence the lounging pajamas?) shooting a sexy smile at her laptop. And my question is, doesn't she get a cramp in her neck trying to type that way? Where does she put her coffee cup?

Back to my original point, isn't that cheating? I would like people to read my stories simply because they're funny or interesting or like a car wreck; you don't want to keep reading but it's so fascinatingly horrifying you just can't drag your eyes away. Certainly, I don't want people to read this because there is the possibility that I'm posting in a black silk teddy and feathered mules. Isn't that like being the article everyone always says they're reading in PlayBoy?

Mr. Guillotine disagrees, however, and thinks I should put my picture on the site. He thinks it makes it more personal and you can "see" who's writing all this. He doesn't have any desire for me to go all J-Lo on the internet, which is a relief.

So I'm taking a poll of everyone who reads the site. Do you think it's important to know what the person who's writing this looks like? My comments seem to have disappeared into a black hole, so email me with your opinion and when I get back from vacation I'll make a decision.

At least some movie stars are not shy around weapons! Angelina Jolie has terrified Hollywood bosses by personally blowing up unexploded landmines near her Cambodian home. Maybe she thinks she really is Lara Croft.

Notable, Newsworthy, and Not to Be Missed

Gran requested links to other blogs I enjoy, so here they are:

Frank J at IMAO has an entertaining piece: Know Thy Enemy: North Koreans

Joel Miller has a good column for parents over at Razormouth.

Interesting military news about Iraq at Strategy Page.

ScrappleFace reveals the identity of the new CIA chief.

Dave Barry has a great column on being a Daddy while Mommy is away.

The final word on the State of the Union flap from Mark Steyn.

Former NYPD commish Bernard Kerik discusses his role in rebuilding law enforcement in Iraq:

"It's the guys who criticize the president of the United States when they're just sitting on a golf course or in the chambers of Congress or the Senate. They have no clue of what reality is here.

"I tell 'em, 'Walk in my shoes, walk in the shoes of the GIs that are standing at these checkpoints 12 hours a day, day in, day out. Walk through the markets and shops downtown, look at the smiles and listen to the clapping.'

"We had an Iraqi police unit go out the night before last and take out an enormous amount of weapons, 15 or 16 RPGs [rocket-propelled grenades], a bunch of AK-47s. When they took these guys outta there, the whole block was clapping and yelling support. Now that's what we're doing here."

The recording industry's RIAA is coming for your kids:

The Recording Industry Association of America's attack on US culture has escalated at an alarming pace this week.

On Friday the lobby group that works on behalf of the large, mostly foreign-owned, music conglomerates that own the music copyrights and distribution channels confirmed that it was serving subpoenas at the rate of 75 a day on US citizens for the crime of sharing the music they love. (emphasis mine)

Check out the scare quotes. Our culture is under attack. They're coming for your mom and apple pie next week.

It is a crime to share the music you love if you don't pay for the music you love. Obviously we need to re-vamp the laws governing this, but not by continuing to break them. However, for anyone to spend a second in jail for downloading Hotel California is absurd. The penalty should be of the speeding ticket variety and only for recent tunes.

We have a war on terror to fight. The last thing we need is cops wasting time hunting down Merle Haggard fans. If Homeland Security can basically ignore border enforcement we can certainly add BearShare subscribers to the list of things we ignore. Any article that has an hysterical pronouncement such as attack on US culture would probably be one for the ignore column as well. In fact, just ignore this whole post.

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